Installing and using the
Fraunhofer SIT Vulnerability Scanner


1) Install the Eclipse Feature Fraunhofer SIT Vulnerability Scan for SSL Error Handlers as described on the Fraunhofer SIT Eclipse Update Site

  1. 2) The plugin will scan source files as they are edited and compiled. To conduct an initial scan, hit the button Scan all projects on the toolbar.

  2. 3) The scan can take a few seconds. Error markers will appear in the problem view as vulnerabilities are detected.

After having fixed the problem and having re-compiled the project, the problem marker should automatically disappear.

The analysis is approximate. If an error marker is present, it is very likely that a vulnerability is indeed present. A missing error marker, however, does not automatically imply a correct fix.


By default, Eclipse will display the discovered vulnerabilities as errors (as shown above). This is the recommended setting, in particular when staging your software for a release. To not to impede too much the regular development in earlier stages of development, you can switch the vulnerability markers to warning instead by setting the preference shown below.

Preference page

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